ILIAD part 4 Picture

EN.: the fourth part... ^w^

(picture 1) "By the time, Achilles was born; he was Peleus and Thetis' son"

(picture 2) Thetis: "Achilles... I know you'll become a great warrior... but I can't let you die, so I'll dip you into the Stige's water so you'll become immortal!!"

(picture 3) Thetis: "Oh dear... your only weakness will be your heel which wasn't dipped into the water!!"

(picture 4) "During the war, Agamemnon enslaved Chryses' daughter; Chryses was Apollo's priest"

(picture 5) Chryses: "Apollo, please help me!! Agamemnon enslaved my daughter!!"

(picture 6) "Apollo, from above..."
Apollo: "WHAT!! I'll show them my fury!!"

IT.: qst è la quarta parte...^w^
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