AS Application: Reliko Picture

Name: Reliko

Gender: Female

Height: 5'4"

Sexual Orientation: Bi-Curious (She honestly doesn't know what she is but her friend described her as of now, Bi-Curious since Reliko dated a girl for a short while.)

About: Reliko was born to a Canaima Mother(Rachel) and a regular human father(Nathaniel). For a few years Reliko lived happily with her Mom and Dad in a city, but because Reliko was a Canaima just like her mother, her cat like features scared any potential friends off, and because of how both of them were, caused living to be hard. So one day Nathaniel took them and left, off into the country side. By 8 Reliko was pretty had never come into contact with another child or Human, except for the small Town nearby their home that her dad would take her too, she always had to wear a hat on her ears, sunglasses on her eyes, kept her tail tucked away, and never to smile with her teeth. While there one day a big gust of wind blew her hat off, she and her dad rushed out of town with disgusted townsmen and women shouting at them. During the middle of the night Reliko's parents were murdered infront of her and her house lit on fire, she escaped into the barn and hid in the hay until morning, where she ran off to where her dad told her to go should anything happen to them.

She wound up in the farther part of the country, living with her Aunt and Uncle. The two despised her and her Father. Her Uncle always spoke of how his brother was an idiot for marrying such a beast, but Reliko wasn't well at talking so she kept quiet. Some way some how, her Aunt and Uncle wound up with a Canaima child as well, a little boy named Alexander. They put up with him for a few years until Reliko was 16, Alexander 8, her uncle planned to murder the boy but Reliko did her best to fight him, doing everything she could to protect her baby cousin. In the end she wound up with a axe cutting her eye and pinned down to the ground as yet again she witnessed another murder. She vowed from that day to seek revenge on her Uncle and make him suffer the way she did, and murder him the way he murdered his own son.

Because of this, she was a bitter and cold girl for a while, until meeting Alimore. At first there was no friendship, just him eagerly pissing her off and getting into fights which only got her hurt. Slowly but surely she grew extremely close to him, he fixed her eye but because his blood got into it, her eye was pinkish red. It lasted a while until summer, her eye went worse. So Alimore took her to meet his mother, whom has now fixed her eye for good!

As of now, Reliko is a shy girl at first but everyone will come to know she is a very loyal and loving friend and you should be lucky to have her. She is very smart, you can know this because Alimore is teaching her potions while she teaches him simple things.

House: N/A yet

Classes: Chemistry, Choir, Alchemy, Healing Magic, Mythology, and Drawing.
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