Artemis Mirrors: Neil Carver Picture



First off, please forgive for the shabby coloring job. D: My copic ran out of juice like, halfway though. Dx

But, as long as his basic colors come across, it's fine for now.
It is just a design sheet, after all. Lol


Neil Carver comes into the story after summer break, following the addition of Aaron's little brother and his bandmates to the story.

Neil, who is infatuated with Dawn, becomes a sort of love rival for Adam (Whom is not particularly fond of Neil and his antics...though, neither is Dawn. xD)

But, with Adam's nature being the way it is, who knows what will come of it?
xD I do...but I'm not telling.

Neil himself has a few secrets for offer the team of Society slaves and becomes a part of the gang at some point. ^^


Please tell me what you think...and don't fear asking any questions you may have. ^^
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