The Messenger Picture

by Chelsea Lowe (~Islandstar) @


Charcoal. 13x24in.

Saturn is harsh in astrology, as it is said to bring anything negative and dark - including death, violence, sadness, fear, and misfortune. Saturn is associated with the mythological Roman god of the same name. He was known as the god of agriculture, justice, and strength; he was also harsh, considering he devoured his children in order to keep his power.

Due to their incredible hunting skills, hawks are often seen as symbols of death, violence, and they also represent those who prey upon the weak. On the other hand, hawks are extremely majestic creatures. They represent our longing for freedom. They represent that we need to be aware of our power and to be respectful to those we interact with. Hawks have amazing vision, so they tell us to focus on areas of our life that need our attention. They are also messengers. In Roman/Greek mythology, the hawk was sacred to and the messenger of Apollo - who is seen as the god of light, truth, prophecy, healing, and music.

The hibiscus flower is associated with the meaning "delicate beauty" to Europeans. In Tahitian culture, a woman would wear a single red hibiscus flower behind the ear to indicate her availability for marriage.

Well then. With that being said, view this piece however you wish.
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