Halloween Amis Picture

First we have Bossuet, who’s dressed as Hyacinthus (It’s in bad taste, I know.), and Joly who’s dressed as Apollo (Having stolen Enjolras’s mythological identity!), unfortunately the effect is rather ruined by his gloves and scarf, but at present he’s more worried about whatever Grantaire has being contagious. Combeferre, who’s dressed as a moth, Then there’s Grantaire, who’s dressed as Enjolras, Enjolras, who’s dressed as Saint-Just complete with a little rose (…Despite the fact that he scarcely notices them and is unconscious of the springtime), Courfeyrac as Marie Antoinette (This is actually the second time I’ve drawn him dressed as Marie Antoinette. O.o), Marius as Napoleon (Predictable, wasn’t it?), Jehan as Gringore from Notre Dame de Paris (…I have no earthly idea what Gringore’s outfit looks like, I’ll admit. This is probably why I gave him a generic Renaissance fair escapee costume), Bahorel who’s dressed as Pere Duchesne, and Feuilly who, not being a rich student with money to spend on a costume, is dressed as Death.

Wow, that was a long summary.
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