Scorpio Milo Picture

Scorpio (actually, Scorpius) is very easy to recognize in the sky and Antares is one of the most known stars ever. Originally, this constellation was bigger because according to many cultures it included Libra. In Greek mythology Scorpio represents the scorpion who killed Orion the Hunter: there are many variants of the myth, some of them said that he had offended Artemis; in others Apollo sent the scorpion to kill Orion because his sister Artemis was falling in love with him (quick reminder, Artemis was a virgin goddess known for her hate towards men).

The Chaldeans were the first to relate Antares (and Scorpio) with strength and force. There are also several depiction of Scorpion People: for example some can be found in the Land of the Dead of the Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh; another example is the Egyptian Goddess Selkis, even if in this mythology the constellation was related to the evil god Seth.

Funny things for us Saint Seiya fans is that Scorpio is seen as a the brooded swan by Javanese people; this makes me think of the battle between Hyoga and Milo (his original master).

In Hawaiian culture Scorpio is known as Maui’s fishhook, while Aboriginal stories tell that this constellation is related to the story of two lovers who made love before marriage, and were condemned by the tribe.

In China, Scorpio is included in the Azure Dragon of the East.

Aw, what can I say about Milo? I love him. I don’t like how he’s depicted in the fandom tho. A pervert, stupid, a cheater, unfaithful, evil don’t make sense IMO. I just wanna say that he’s a very noble and loyal person, that respects his enemy and can’t forgive betrayal; also, I consider him demisexual, so if you want to talk about his Casanova reputation (?) I’m definitely the wrong person to contact éuè

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