Adam and Dawn: Sneak Peek? Picture

So, this little peice is based off a roleplay my lovely Sniper and I did with two characters from my orriginal story "Artemis Mirrors" where Dawn (Right) crashes at Adam's (Left) house to hide out from her 'friend' Freddy after a school dance.

Dawn jacks a pair of Adam's boxers and one of his shirts (which she is wearing in this picture) to sleep in...which, given how the anti-social boy is, startles him slightly.
Dawn, not giving a damn what he or anyone else has to say about...well, anything, just flops onto his bed and tries to sleep.

Adam, who would be unable to sleep with ANYONE in his bedroom (let alone a girl he thinks is cute), would just lie awake, quitely.


I really enjoyed the rp, and especially this momment as this is my OTP for my story. (Though, even I don't know yet if and when they'll hook up).
...would be nice, though. >__>
They make a cute couple...


The picture was painted to look like a manga scan that's been colored. xD I just really wanted to make one like that...I don't know why.

Perhaps it's just to fuel the dream. Dx

But, I am quite happy with how it came out.


Anywhoo...tell me what you think. I always welcome critiques.
Real critiques...not comments that just bash stupid things for no reason. -__-'
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