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Why does it have hair? Dieke swallows arduously and feels her heart beating viciously in her chest. It shouldn’t have hair. Her lips quiver; she wants to say something, but the thought to talk to a lifeless object prevents her from doing it. Her eyes slowly travel downwards, taking in the shimmering, metal limbs from the object. Male has been its base, she realizes with a strange feeling in the pit of her belly. With her heart racing in her chest she cautiously closes the distance between the object and herself. It has a symmetrical face, even handsome features according to mankind’s standards. Dieke wonders if the object can move. By being able to move it could be categorized to the robotics instead of sculptural arts. With trembling hands she reaches for its face, closer and closer until her fingertips touch the cool surface.

“37,5 degrees Celsius. Heartrate: 98.” Creaking. Lifeless eyes turn to Dieke. “Subject too pale for optimal health.”

Dieke jumps back screaming and trips over her own feet, making her fall down on her behind harshly. “IT’S ALIVE!”

Heard this song and drew this! What a great band Coparck is! If you wanna hear good stuff listen to their album.

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