Atemis Mirrors: Adam Marks WIP Picture

Adam Marks, the main character of my up and coming graphic novel "Artemis Mirrors".

As obvious, this peice is far from completed...but, I wanted to give my watchers som wip works on this project because a few of you have asked about my comic project.

I'm affraid I can't tell you too much about the project, here...
But if you do have any questions, please don't hessitate to ask.
As long as the questions aren't too vuage, I'd be more than happy to answer most anything you wish to know.

I can't really answer the 'What's it about', the explination would be far too long and painful, but if you ask questions with a little more body, I'd sure I can at least attempt to tell you. ^^

>__> Anyways, this WIP is nearing a completed line art...I'm still developing the back ground...but, it's not too far from being finished.
Then all that's left will be to color it with some fancy copic markers. ^^

Please do not steal this art...
If you'd like to use it for something else, please ask.
If it's not too completely unreasonable, I'd be happy to let you use it as long as my signature is left intact and credit for the drawing is given to me.
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