Daphne- day 78 Picture

I hope this is the right category, but oh well. This is a sketch of a bigger piece that I'm going to be working on. I'm competing in a pageant and I'm using my art as my talent, so I needed a couple of pieces that were finished, and one that is unfinished so I can finish it on stage. This will be one of the finished pieces.

This is the myth of Daphne and Apollo. If you are unfamiliar with it, I'll give you a brief version.

Daphne was of the retinue of Artemis (meaning she was a virgin) and Apollo fell in love with her. He pursued her, and she ran from him, fleeing to protect her virginity and praying to her father, who was a river god, that she could be delivered from this god's lust. Her father went to Artemis and asked for her to save his daughter from Apollo. Artemis then turned Daphne into a Laurel tree. As she was running from the pursuing god, her foot stuck to the ground, thick roots taking hold and a tree forming around her. Apollo fell to his knees, holding Daphne, and after that day he adopted the Laurel tree as one of his sacred symbols. This is why we wears Laurel leaves around his head.

Art (C) Jaycee
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