Apollon and Artemis Picture

The Mythos Cyborgs from eps 21-25 of Cyborg 009 series 1. Apollon and Artemis. AREN'T THEY CUTE!? Apollon be mine. X3 I guess. *snuggles Apollon* Mine and the other millions of people that drool over him. XD And Artemis can be ours too. APOLLON AND ARTEMIS FANGIRLS AND FANBOYS UNTIE!

Apollon: Unite, foolish human! You mean unite.

Shaddap. I knew that.

Apollon: Foolish mortal.

.... ANYWAYS, I'd like to get one thing straight. I am NOT going to fight with anyone about the fact that I spelt Apollon with a silent N! The spaceship was Apollo. Some greek mythology books spell it Apollo, others Apollon. But I'm talking about the MYTHOS CYBORG! On the episode Mythology Arises or The Gods Attack (I can't remember), the stats of every Mythos Cyborg was listed while Gilmore explained his thoughts on the matter. At least, they were in the series screened in New Zealand. And it clearly said - NAME: Artemis, AGE: Unknown, ETC. - NAME: Apollon, AGE: Unknown, ETC.... Alright? =3 Yeah. Just before anyone tries to flame me for calling him Apollon. n_n So, enjoy. And yes, I know they aren't exactly the best fan drawings, but I haven't seen the Mythos series eps in AEONS! Well, not literally. And I had to do it from memory at lunchtime in the library. X3 So yeah. Enjoy. n_n
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