Sirona Picture

A new OC; as if I don't have enough laying around being abused in sketches already. But here she is.

Her name derives from Celtic Mythology;
"In Celtic mythology, Sirona was a goddess worshipped predominantly in East Central Gaul and along the Danubian limes. A healing deity, she was associated with healing springs; her attributes were wolves and children. She was the sometimes depicted with Apollo Grannus or Apollo Borvo. She was particularly worshipped by the Treveri in the Moselle Valley."

She is a white unicorn girl, with golden accents and a dark mane.

Her feet were going to be hoofed, but but then I drew FEET and I liked them :gasp:


Should I color her more? That will be decided another day. For now, I'm happy with her.

The frame around her was based off of and referenced from a piece in "The Treasury of Art Nouveau Design and Ornament" copyright free archive.
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