Daphne's Reflection Picture

( I might update this in the future. )

This is a mirror my dad found for me at a tag sale before I left for college. It features a young girl looking at herself in the mirror while clutching the tree on the border. It reminded us both of Daphne- which is why he bought it for me.

Daphne is from Greek Mythology. Apollo upset Cupid, who then used two arrows, one of gold and one of lead: one that incites love, and the other to cause love to flee. The former he strikes Apollo with, the later he strikes Daphne with. Apollo sees Daphne and falls in love with her. He begins to chase her, but she denies him and in desperation calls to her father ( a river god) to save her. Hearing his daughter he changes her into a Laurel tree, which then becomes the sacred tree of Apollo.

Apollo and Daphne was one of the first stories I translated from Latin to English, so I am very fond of it.
Latin is just amazing. Sigh.
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