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Here are my OCs!!

1. Julia Castellan/Gale: Young Justice; Like a Virgin
2. Mark/Apollo: Mythology Class; Alejandro
3. Jessica: Ryan and Jessica stories; Firework
4. Jose Marco Saling: Impossible; Womanizer
5. Mary/Artemis: Mythology Class; I Won't Say I'm In Love
6. Johan Sanchez: Children of the Gods; Remember the Name
7. Franco Villafuentes: Franco's Recorder; I Can't Decide
8. Michael Ortells: Percy Jackson; This Guy's In Love With You Pare
9. Lust: Makiling Adventures; I Just Had Sex
10. Ashner: Hero's Journey; So What



all character listed above, Mythology Class, Ryan and Jessica stories, Children of the Gods, Franco's Recorder, Makiling Adventures, Hero's Journey (c) ~bratitude123
Young Justice (c) DC
Impossible (c) ~Ashe1313
Percy Jackson (c) Rick Riordan
Meme template (c) ~ElKaosdeGaia
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