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<Apollo's Throne>
A scene from my animation: 'Dirge: The Movie Trailer', based on 'Dirge: The Chronicles of Midghar'.

History: Having assassinated the leader of the Santoubu force since they became trapped on Midghar Island, 'Apollo' is now the leader of the newly renamed 'Darkness' group, sitting upon his darkened throne waiting for the time to come... to bring destruction down upon Lightown. His reasons are unclear but his obsession is, and with powerful allies in the Darkness ranks, like the head-spy Hagironi, his reign seems secure for now. He may be young, but his fierce blood-lust and determination have grated him the highest power available on the island, making him a formidable enemy.


Apollo was originally named 'the Hikarikage' (Light's Shadow in Japanese) as a placeholder, which had to be changed due to how telling it was of the story's inspirational origins and was a rather flimsy title in general. His new name is based on Greek mythology, following the trend of this group while still hinting towards his connection to Lightown.

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