I sort of completely gave up Picture

Just like the title says.
I GIVE UP *flips table* I can never to get it look like I want it to so I'm just gonna leave it as a floating head with no eyes and crap.

Gold star for anyone who knows who that is... No? I'll tell ya then; Apollo from a manga called Olimpos. I love Olimpos but I don't wanna draw anything from it since I'm afraid my style sucks so much compared to the art in the manga.

Olimpos is definitely worth your time. 11 chapters, each around 20-40 pages long. It's a long read and surprisingly deep. May seem confusing at first(I found myself going: wtf when I first read it) but if you take a moment to think about everything, you'll understand things. I still have no clue what the premise and what the message is but it's none the less a good manga. I usually don't read mangas but this one definitely caught my interest. Even sparked my interest in manga again(even if most mangas are gut-wrenchingly cheezy and stupid(especially romance onces, my gosh.))

It's Greek mythology but the artist's perspective of it. I love the perspective of it and I don't mind viewing Greek Mythology that way(I kid, but none the less).


I uploaded this so I can at least show that I am drawing but I'm having trouble finding something worthy to upload for you guys! I don't wanna give you guys something ugly for your eyes to see : (
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