Pantheon - Apollo Picture

Apollo - God of Prophecy, Archery, and Music. Twin brother to Artmeis, he is famous for his oracle at Delphi, where it is said he slew a giant earth-serpent named Python. One of the stories revolving Apollo is when he teased Eros for his bow and arrows, telling him that a child shouldn't play with a man's weapons. Angry, Eros exacted his revenge by firing a golden arrow of love at Apollo, who fell instantly for a lovely nymph named Daphne. But to Daphne, Eros fired a leaden arrow of indifference (not caring). So the more Apollo pursued her, the more she disliked him. Finally when he tried to force his love upon her, she begged her river-god father to save her, and he turned her into a laurel tree. Apollo claimed the tree as his, and crowns of laurel leaves were used as prizes in the early Olympics, and the crowns for royalty.
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