COTT -- WTF? Picture

I'm not really sure where to put this, since it features interpretations of the gods as done by 'Class of the Titans' (in the bubble), as well as my own personal ways of imagining the traditional Greek pantheon (the large figures to the left), but it seems safest to include it in Fanart (Cartoons/Comics). VERY quick doodle that I just happened to like enough to splash some colour onto.

In 'Class of the Titans', Dionysus (bubble-guy on the left) is portrayed as a pot-bellied, balding, probably myopic chemist whose voice sounds vaguely like Snagglepuss', while Apollo (other bubble-guy) is also pot-bellied, older, and sports a bad Italian accent. And those interpretations sort of amused me, since traditionally, Dionysus and Apollo are protrayed as young and beautiful (and in Dionysus' case, effeminate) gods. As for Apollo's line, that kind of goes back to a friend and joking (neither of us are huge Apollo fans) that really, Apollo's just a horny loser who's always trying, but failing, to get laid.

The interpretations of Dionysus and Apollo in the bubble (c) Studio B and Teletoon.
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