Apollo's Sanctuary App- Pathos Picture


Name: Pathos
Gender: Male
Age: Old enough to be a god.
Race/Species/Whatever: Demigod
Height: 5'11
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
About Pathos:

Pathos never really knew his mother. Just his dad, who happened to be a total douche. Cupid always expected little Pathos to do his fucking job and discover what kind of demigod he'll become. But, he always hung out his gamgam, Venus, the goddess of beauty. He looked up to her. She taught him about fashion, and well, being beautiful. But his father kept giving him trouble, so Pathos sneakily left his father and ventured into the world of humans. He travelled a lot, learning their ways. He immersed himself into the fashion industry, admiring all of the beautiful clothing that the models wore. He admired them, wanting to be one. However, his rather furious father got ahold of him, telling him off and forcing him to get and educatio at Apollo's.

Classes: Anatomy, English and Language Arts Level 1, Geometry, Drawing, Sex Ed, and Mythology
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