10-Plan Commission 02 Picture


Well... it turns out I have trouble drawing simple after trying so hard to learn how to draw with color...... So instead...the 10 dollar plan will be more like my 15 minute Molly drawings were I play around with color but not rendered to a a point. I actually had to force my self to submit it now other wise I will end up making it really illustrative. heh....

This is Flamehead23a's Apollo and his bio is here.

Apollo is just who you're thinking of--the Greek God of music, the arts, healing, light, and archery. He's the one who has charged Matthias with maintaining fiction, mainly because he no longer has the power to do so himself.

In greek mythology, when one dies their spirit is given a semi-physical form, called a shade. Apollo has been reduced to this semi-transparent, intangible form, and is now little more than a ghost of his previous magnificence. He can still look pretty impressive if the need arises, but it takes a lot out of him. That's why he has humans--the Musagetes'-- to do his job of maintaining fiction.

and yes, I used his ghostly appearance to avoid drawing his hands and feet.
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