The Legend of Hyacinth - Apollo and Hyacinthus Picture

"The legend of the Hyacinth

Hyacinthus was known for his beauty, and Apollo and Hyacinthus were lovers in greek mythology. But the Western Wind Zephyrus grew jealous of Apollo.

One day, Apollo and Hyacinthus were throwing discus, and Hyacinthus - wanting to impress Apollo - ran to catch it. The Western Wind saw his chance for revenge, and blew the discus off course into Hyacinthus’ head, killing him.

Apollo held Hyacinthus in his arms, and from his blood made a new flower. Its name is the Hyacinth. He also took the tears he shed and engraved Hyacinthus’ initals on the petals forever.

And that is from where the flower Hyacinth got its name.”

— This is a comic I really want to make one day. This is also where I got my name “Hyacinthess” from. —

Will be scrapped later, I just wanted to upload something to let you know I'm alive and just working on a REALLY big project, which I hope to be able to present to you guys soon. <3 In the meantime have these bishounens!

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