Yoshi: Apollo and Diana bicker a lot. Picture

Someone (I forget who, sorry) suggested I nab some ANCIENT characters and draw them again. The Yoshi Gods (don't... don't ask.) were some of the few suggested. For some reason, I thought this was a good idea.

When it comes to their coloring, you know those weird... uh... fabrics or whatever that change color depending on how you look at it? That's what's going on with Diana. She's magenta in the light and dark blue in the shadows. That was the theory, anyway. I honestly forget exactly what I was referencing when I designed her.

Also, they're supposed to be twins, but really, they look nothing alike. Huh. GJ, me.

I created the 6 yoshi gods when we were studying Greek Mythology in English class in, like, 10th grade. Their names have nothing to do with the original gods. I just nabbed names I liked and slapped them on a character.

Still working on that pointing finger. Still failing, but working on it.

Apollo Yoshi and Diana Yoshi as well as artwork are ©
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