Apollo Picture

The greek god Apollo, I don't really know much about Greek mythology, so it's not an accurate portrayal of him, but that's the first word that came up in my head when I started drawing this, there are some areas that probably need polishing but I can't really "see" what to change, hopefully more experience will help in the future.

Originally he had even shorter hair, but I got too carried away with trying to make it "flow". It was really fun as I've always wanted to keep the "strokes" when I color, but most of the time it doesn't really work out too well, since they look like wrinkles rather than strokes lol.
It doesn't look too bad this time, so I'm pleased, but it could be my eyes adapting to my own picture since I've stared at it for too long '-'

Edit: woo I can't believe how pointy both his nose and chin was! Revised it a little bit
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