HMMTB Cover Picture

sooo...uhm this is the cover of 'How Many Miles to Babylon?'

It is an odd tradition for me to make covers of all the stories I write...that way I can imagine what it would look like if my stories were published...of course...that's VERY VERY unlikely...
soo...yeah...and for all you Twilight fans:'ve guessed it...this is a sad attempt at me trying to make it look like a Twilight book
The flower there is an Anemone..and if you're wondering as to why that is..then well...if you read the story before seeing this then you would know that in Greek Mythology there really was a character named Adonis and the Goddess Aphrodite did fall in love with him...unfortunately the poor guy got killed by a boar so his blood and her tears turned into an Anemone flower!!

random anemone picture
MS Paint

uhmm...I forgot to mention...I just got that picture from picture is now...copyrighted Google...
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