Espada Project: Trastorno Pandora Picture

having seen quite the amount of self made Espada and other arrancars, i've decided to do a project of my own
featuring the Gods of Olympus

Pandora is not a normal arrancar, as can be seen by the fact that she has no hollow hole, nor a mask fragment.
Hephaestus crafted her out of stone and gave her life, Athena gave her knowledge, Hermes the power of speech and Aphrodite gave her beauty.
and with this one, Helios filled her eyes with light.
as such, she was created by five of my espada, a creature with the form of a human and the power of arrancars, while being neither.

she wields a Wakizashi as a weapon, but only for self defense. her true weapon is the pot/box, hanging at her side. (pandora's box) (Greek Mythology says it was a pot) with it, she can preform a resurreccion
the five espada that created her uses special stones to suck in evil souls and poured these into her box, filling it with terrible disasters. but also, at the bottom, it's filled with Hope

being the creation that she is, she can fire a cero, as well as a cero, fired with a minimal amount of energy from her box, creating her Caos Cero

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