Cat Batch 15 Picture

#1: (Ornament cat) Aries ~Reixxie
Name: Aries
Gender: Male
Personality: Hot headed, quick temper and picks fights
Position: A god, based on greek mythology. To go alongside my wolf named Aphrodite

#2: (Ornament cat) Pine ~miracle-roses
Name: Pine
Gender: Female
Personality: bubbly, happy-go lucky, playful childish
Position: Celtic's sister

#3: Char ~ArtisticPages
Name: Char
Gender: female
Personality: wise, very young but acts more like an old person, clingy
Position: angel mentor

#4: Bleu ~miracle-roses
Name: Bleu
Gender: Female
Personality: Tomboy, hot-headed, dare-devil
Position: Can member

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