pygmalion Picture

P L A S T I C D R E A M S - a toy story
November 2012
Wervik, Belgium
In Greek mythology, Pygmalion was a sculptor who after having witnesses the sinful behaviour of women for many years , decided to stay single and he dedicated himself to his art. One day he made an ivory statue of a woman and named it Galatea. He had spent many days perfecting it and eventually he became madly in love with his own sculpture. Despite giving it many gifts, the statue remained lifeless and cold...
After a feast in honour of Aphrodite he prayed to her to find a woman who looked exactly like his statue. Aphrodite knew he loved his Galatea with all his heart and that his statue was the only one he could ever truly love. Upon returning home, Pygmalion kissed his ivory woman. To his amazement, her lips were warm and soft. He then realised she was alive...
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