-Venus- Picture

Venus The Roman Goddess Of Love,
also known as Aphrodite in Greek Mythology.

Ok I made this manipulation thinking in the title of a book called Afrodita and I think "I like the title"

- This is a text from Afrodita by Isabel Allende
(...) Néctar de los dioses, consuelo de los mortales, el vino es un maravilloso brebaje que tiene el poder de alejar las preocupaciones y darnos, aunque sea por un instante, la visión del Paraíso. (...)

***Assembling a feast of fascinating facts about the aphrodisiac powers of food and drink, internationally acclaimed author Allende serves them up with both convincing admiration and irreverence. She offers suggestions, both ancient and modern, for luring a lover, kindling sexual ardor, prolonging the act of love, and reviving flagging virility. Aphrodite celebrates the sensual life with joy and imagination, as well as a naughty sense of fun, making it an irresistible feast of the senses.

My opinion it's... Good book... Cool food, I think it's really a great book

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