Suprise Happy V-Day Picture

um... I haven't done this in a while. First of all I know the picture is a little late but...My original intention for this drawing wasn't for Valentines Day, but soon it started to turn out that way, it's kinda funny how things work out. ^__^

Well I haven't submitted anything in a looonnng time, I'm way overdo, but I finally found the time today to go on the computer and submit this in ^__^ I tried to shade the clothes, and actually I think it came out pretty good, I also tried to add shading to the hair but I did a horrible job, I don't know if you can even see it... --__-- *sigh*

The boy (Eric is his name) in here is from a story I recently thought up called Cupid's Romance, it's based on the greek story(I'm obsessed with greek mythology) about Eros/Eric falls in love with a mortal woman named Pysche (who I call Penny). Eros is the messenger of romance a.k.a Cupid. His mom is Aphrodite. Basically I took the greek legend and put it into current times. The girl in the picture is NOT Pyshe/Penny. I drew this BEFORE I thought up the story. I liked how the boy in the picture came out so much that I made him an actual character. I hate the girl in this picture, she came out crappu >.<

Anyway...long story short, the boy is one of my characters, the girl is NOT!
I hope those of you know the story of Eros and Psche, if not go to this site psyche.html"> [link]
There are many different ways this story is told, some say Eros fell in love with Pyshe instantly, others say he got scratched with one of his arrows. I like the arrow angle better, cause it raises alot of ideas and questions. Well I've been talking waaay to long, so I'm going to go now ^_^
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