Sugar And Spice WIP Picture

This is a little warm up before I get back to drawing business.

I wanted to give Saber an acceptable reference for a long time. She's just a side character in my main story Armageddon, but she's one of the two protagonists of the side story Sugar And Spice. It's a story set 3 years in the future. At one point of Armageddon the Organization will get destroyed. Cilly changed sides before that and is put under Saber's protection. KH:SAS focuses on how they'll become a couple.
I haven't written the story yet, but I have notes of the basic storyline.

I love how Saber's outfit turned out. She's a confident badass with a rebellious attitude and I wanted her design to reflect that. Her knee pads, combat boots and a knife strapped to her leg show that she is a fighter (She wields a katana and an assault rifle.). Her many piercings (eleven in total), her dyed messy hair and her tattoos (sleeve, left upper arm, tramp stamp) reflect her unwillingness to bow to society and its norms.
I'm not sure, if I'll keep Cilly's outfit like this. It doesn't satisfy me 100%. I wanted to show that she is no longer a member of the Organization whose only task is to seduce enemies and lead them astray. So I changed from a long black dress with fur to a short white outfit. I tried to use as many opposites as possible while keeping it in character. For example she still shows off her cleavage. I added pink highlights to make her more different form Saber who wears dark blue and black. Cilly is the girly one while Saber is a tomboy. Her outfit has to be suitable for combat. I gave her an elbow pad to show that at the time of KH:SAS she will have become a better fighter. Lastly the lilies on her skirt: white lilies are often associated with funerals. When the Organization died, so did Cilly's past. I used the lilies to emphasize that. Plus in Greek mythology Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love, was jealous of the flower's beauty.


As you can see, I'm not dead yet.

Cilly, Saber (c) me
lilies from Google
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