Sigh : Mermaid Character Sheet Picture

All the mermish beings in my story have basis in real marine creatures. Sigh's build is that of a betta fish. I modelled it after one of my own beta's, Tristan, who has fins that are so flamboyant and curlicue that they make other bettas look straight.

His scales start beneath his hipbones, follow the curve over his buttocks and dip down to where you wrinkle if you bend at the end of his stomach. His genitals are further down, hidden inside a vertical [If he was 'standing'] slit. On either side of aforementioned slit are two long, thin strips of finning, you might note simular fins on a beta, I don't know the technical name. Lower down, starting mid-thigh and ending beneath where his knees would be, is another fin. It's centered on his underbelly and it drapes as far down as knee-to-toe length would be. Centered on the topside, starting from the top of the pelvisbone on the spine [I didn't portray that so well, before the scale-line] is his dorsal fin, and it extends to where his buttocks would end and legs begin. it's draped downwards and hangs low, like an orca in captivity. At the end of his tail is his fluke, which extends as long as the rest of his fins. Actually, they're all the same length. ;x They're all semi-transparent and tatter into curlicue tips.

His fingers are webbed, the webbing is extremely transparent and even more elastic. It can stretch and take immense stress. It just as easily folds and because it is so thin, hardly would feel like a thing. His fingernails are longer and harder in mermish form than in human.

Stretching from the wristbone on the outer side of the forearm is another trailing fin that goes three inches past the elbow. This flows outwards usually and drapes down when still.

[Drawn 5.10.04]
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