Enlil, Ishtar, and Aphrodite Picture

this realtes to my last pic of Odyesseus and Enki. Enlil is like, Enki's brother or what not, but i forgot what he was the god of, and every one knows who Aphrodite is (if ya don't, she's the goddess of love), but not many know Ishtar, unless yer Kelen Bankikee (this dude in my english class who was like, obessed with her, and i SO misspelled his name). she's the goddess of love and sex in mesopatamic mythology. yeah, she's also a total sult. if you havent figured it out, she's the one huggin Enlil's oversized head into her bussom. and yes, his shirt says narly whale watch, just coz that makes it fun, so... enjoy ^_^
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