Gale and Anna Picture

Character cross-over 8D
Gale is my World of Darkness Promethean-turned-Mage character. Anna is my Scion: Demigod character.
Fun facts:
-Both Gale and Anna affiliate their origins with Greek mythology.
-Both Gale and Anna are associated with Aphrodite.
-Galateid Prometheans are often referred to as 'Muses'.
-Whilst Gale is just learning about love and is optimistic, Anna has long been unlucky in love and refuses to accept loving feelings she may or may not have for those around her.

As such I decided to do this drawing with Anna as Megara and Gale as the Muse Melpomene (referenced as the Muse of Drama is the Disney Hercules franchise).
A fun doodle inspired by Meg's song-

Also yes Anna look a lot different in this drawing but that's mostly because-
1) I have only just decided roughly how Anna looks, she's still very much a work in progress.
2)This was Anna when she was a hero- her body underwent physical changes as she progressed to become a demigod.
(Mostly the first reason XP)
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