Aphrodite Barbie Picture

"The color scheme has much significance. The light blue of her toga/robe is to represent the supposed creation of Aphrodite, how she arose from sea foam. It also mentioned something about seaweed, so anything colored green represents that. You may notice that there are blue scribbles next to these accessories (yes, they can be removed or kept on, I'm going to say they're velcroed on). This is because there are two seperate accessories, one colored blue and the other colored green - one to represent sea (which I interpreted as seperate from sea foam) and the other to represent the seaweed, as mentioned earlier.
The last accessory is a brooch with a heart in it to help establish that this is the goddess of love.

Being that Aphrodite is also the goddess of beauty, I made it so she was asthetically pleasing (I tried). Her hair is kept long (because this has always been considered as beautiful) and her toga/robe is cut a little higher than normal to try and flaunt her beauty. Her body is relatively in proportion, unlike an actually Barbie doll.
I tried to do the goddess of love and beauty some justice and this is my mythological doll. Enjoy.
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