Aphrodite Picture

Up next in my line of great women in history, the Greek Goddess of Gettin it On (nice alliteration eh?), Aphrodite. Yes, I know, shes not a real person, but nonetheless was a very influential woman in Greek and Roman cultrue. Now, I named this Aphrodite, and not the more common Venus (the Roman version of Aphrodite) because, Aphrodite is so very much more interesting. The Greeks were WAY more fun than the Romans (well, at least openly fun... the Romans had their.... flaws..), and their gods were not the reserved role models that they were in the Roman counterpart of the mythology. For example, Greek goddess Aphrodite was given the fugly Hapheastus to marry. But come on, SHES THE GODDESS OF EROTIC LOVE. So, obviously, she got it on with Ares, the god of war and manliness! Anyway, her Roman counterpart, Venus, didnt do anything like that. She was a good girl..... BORING. Anyway, of course, being the goddess of sex, Aphrodite was a big part of the lives of men and women in Greece, and yes, Rome too. So, here is my tribute to the goddess of all things sexy and sultry.
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