Pygmalion Picture

For this contest, I focused on the tale of Pygmalion, who was a sculptor who became so obsessed with his sculpture that he fell in love with it. Aphrodite then took pity on him and brought his piece to life, thus fulfilling his obsession.
taining some of the classic elements like rose petals, swan feathers, which are attributed to Aphrodite and in the sense of the sculpture, which has a classic stance and feel to it.
The reason I chose this is because to me dreams are similar to obsessions, in a sense that you tend to just think about it and are usually determined to fulfil them.
I used painter a combination of Photoshop and Painter 11, using mostly Painter for the draMy version of the story is more modern adaptation while mainwing and painting of the artist and the model, while using Photoshop for the effects.
I hope you enjoy it.
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