PJ: Pandora Picture

Pandora was always my favorite character from Greek Mythology and I always loved her story. Though, I heard the story of her being the sweet, innocent girl tricked by the gods to open the box. I did some research and well ... Pandora wasn\'t as innocent as you think.

She flirted with men and was nicknamed \"Evil Love\" Because since she was beautiful as Aphrodite, every man loved her and she always played around with their minds.

Well, I got to thinking ... What if Gaea brought Pandora back? After all, I think she would be against the gods if she came back to life. Sorry if I didn\'t get Pandora\'s looks right though. I always heard she either had black or auburn hair and brown or green eyes.

But, she\'s my newest PJ oc!!

Pandora: Me!

Original Pandora: Greek Mythology

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