One Day Picture

One day rosi, you get everything
Why, Mommy?
Because it's your destiny, darling

I like how it turned out ^ ^ but it is not finished, need a good background. The picture shows when Rosi and her mother Rosilin is on the balcony of their castles on their home planet Valent. I give you some facts about Rosi's relationship with her mom ^ ^

Rosilin is Queen of Valent and is in the Heart Council. As Rosi she love sens fairy and is regarded as Aphrodite in Greek mythology. When Rosi was born Rosilin regarded her as a very delicate rose. She was very worried that Rosi would hurt herself while she was in meetings with Heart Council. She sat high guard on her , she does not easily go from the palace or meet other people. Rosi had to grow up without a childhood, she was not allowed to play with other children and usually sat in her room or in the rose garden until her mother came home. But when Rosi began in Alfea she became much, much happier, and begin to experience the childhood she never got to have, and fell in love.

I think it is the right cute ^ ^ An overprotective parent, a princess without a childhood, and given the freedom she wanted ^ ^
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