I'm Having OC Feels (Sketchdump) Picture


Yeah, more of my Legate doodles for The Santa Clause 3 NOT ROTG GUYS I liked the movie but I prefer SC3 universe, sorry ;D

Anyways, there's Jacqueline Frost, SC3!Jack Frost's little sister and Legate, and Jack, (my pathetic attempt at doodling a canon character oh no don't look at it), meeting for the first time in almost 1500 years since Jack left to go "Overthrow Santa" and "Frostmas" and shit. Him and his unfrozen self feeling all awkwards in the middle doodle, talking to his little sis who's now grown up and then a BEAUTIFUL 3/4 DOODLE OF JACQUELINE I'M VERY PROUD OF IT and she's being sassy.

Then the famous hold-my-flower-thing from tumblr with SC3!Easter Bunny's Legate, one of his hundred kids, Blossom. She's the eldest and cute and adorable BUT SHE WILL BEAT YOU UP.

(I also did this cuz let's face it, SC3!EB is kinda pathetic, hence the little doodle after that little comic with sad Blossom saying it's true).

Then a doodle of Aphrodite, SC3!Cupid's Legate, his niece.Also because idk much about mythology but that'll change in uni fosho eventually

I swear she's not a slut.

And also a Danny on the side because Danny Phantom is amazing and if you don't agree I should send Blossom after you.
The Legate Principle, Blossom, Jacqueline, and Aphrodite (not the one of myth) (C) ~SafyreSky
Jack (c) the Santa Clause 3 creators and disney and stuff
Danny Phantom (c) Butch Hartman

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