Pygmalion Picture

Pygmalion was a sculptor, ans being one with such skill with his craft, he ignored most of the world for its sake. he did not marry, and he looked down upon the others on his island. this angered the women on the island, and they prayed to aphrodite that he would marry. the goddess heard and came to see who was it that evaded love. she told pygmalion that he must marry, and he agreed, on the condition that he would be allowed to finish one last statue. he invited aphrodite to pose for him and he made labored for months, carving the perfect woman out of ivory. when the statue was complete aphrodite returned to pygmalion for him to choose his wife. he told he he could not, for after months of work only the statue could ever understand him, as she had seen both his best and worst. he knew that the girl was only a carving from ivory, and thus he asked to be made into a statue beside her, as so to be with her eternally. aphrodite did not grant his sad requests and instead waved her hands over the ivory girl, and the girl came to life. she was calaled galatea and she married pygmalion, much to his delight.
and they lived hapily ever after

and its a bit of a stretch to apply greek mythology in this situation. It has the same idea of making the perfect girl rather than finding her, albeit with a less happy ending.

graphite, marker, colored pencil and sharpie
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