Charon Picture

I was so proud of this picture I just had to post it.

I'm a photographer while game playing, too. I used to go crazy when a game didn't have a screenshot option built in, and now that I have steam, I play absolutely everything through it in order to use theirs.

This is Charon from Fallout 3, sneaking around in the grass with . . . probably Ceres, though I just don't know which character I was playing at the time. I was so excited to get Charon; it broke my heart how little dialogue and character development there was (I'm a Dragon Age fan).

Charon belongs to Bethesda; if he'd belonged to me, he'd probably be the main character.

I'm also going to use this to plug a really awesome, crazy Fallout fan fiction; rated M, so you've been warned. If anyone knows the author, please for the love of Kali convince them to finish it.

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