A Regular Cupid and Psyche Picture

And with only a few hours to spare too. x-x it's bad for my heart to do this to myself...

Anyways! Shizuru and Natsuki as Cupid and Psyche respectively from Greek mythology. You know, the ones who had like-perpetual sexual relations? -cough- yeah...blame my boyfriend who's taking Latin and let me read his translations of their myth. >///> and these two are showin' quite a bit of leg here. -coughcough-

Anyways. The myth kinda goes like this: Psyche was one of the most beautiful women in Greece, and was even revered as more beautiful than Venus (Or Aphrodite) and Venus, being the narcissus she is, ordered Psyche to be wed to a ugly serpent monster being-a Funeral Wedding. However, Cupid who had been watching Psyche, loved the human too much to let that happen to her-and in the night whisked her away to his palace in the mountains and made her his bride. The only exception to their marriage was that Psyche could never look at him-If she knew that he was 'Love' then they could not be together. Shit happened including ugly evil sisters-lots of sex-more bitchy sisters-MORE SEX-Venus scolding Cupid and sayign he was 'whoring around in the mountains'-Psyche getting talked out of commiting suicide by a personified building-and then a happy ending where Psyche and Cupid stay together -throws confetti- x-x

So-here it is, my entry-slightly not as good as I would like-a bit strange-and I'm pretty sure not one of the best out there-for the Halloween Contest. xD Enjoy?

Mai HiME (c) Sunrise
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