+Line Art: Psyche and Love Picture

"So all cam to a most happy end. Love and the Soul (That is what Psyche menas) had sought and, after some trials, found each other; and that union could never be broken."

-Mythology by Edith Hamilton.


I've been soooo busy! And I know I'm going to be even more busy!! My Mom is going to have a major surgery next months and its up to me to cook food for everybody and sub in for her. D:
That means I'll have to cut back on a few clubs. But I don't mind that much. I just wish I had more family members to cover more jobs so I can do my business.

Well like I've been saying, I've been so busy! Ap lit has made me read so many books so fast and only two weeks and there is more coming. Even this picture is directly inspired by a book we had to read and are still reading. Its called MYTHOLOGY!! I love it!

This piece I made was inpired by the story of when Cupid fell in love with this women. ;3
I'm sure everybody knows about that story. I did, but I re-read to keep fresh in my mind in case we have a quiz or something. =___=

I'm going to color this picture when I have some time to myself.
If you haven't noticed yet Aphrodite is the little women thing on the right, and Cupid is on the top, the little cartoon-ish man with fly wings. XD

I don't really know what to say. Made in my sketch book with a pencil, Smelly Blueberry eraser, and of course the paper. <3
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