Random Fluffage Picture

Al & Heather (c) Fresh TV

I know I haven't really posted much in the past two weeks. Part of that is due to laziness, another due to how much I've been watching Invader Zim lately as well as Art Project, staring at the ceiling, blah, blah, blah...Pretty much just me being lazy.

The colorized picture and the dancing scene behind it...I drew those Wednesday night because Wednesday nights suck for TV.

The one where Al's wearing a Greek style helmet...I was thinking about Al and Heather cosplaying as the Greek gods Ares and Aphrodite (my fave couple in Greek mythology!). Also partly inspired by Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

The last one...I was randomly doodling in Study Hall out of boredom a week or so ago. Inspired by Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl." (I love that song!!!)
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