46. Hathor Picture

Hathor: Egyptian Goddess of Love, Beauty, Motherhood, and Nourishment

100 Gods/Goddesses Challenge

Hathor! One of my favourite Egyptian Goddesses. X3
She was lots of fun to colour. c:

What is interesting about Hathor to me?
First of all she (and her alter ego Sekhmet) has a strong parallel in Hindu Mythology (not just because she's a cow) with Durga/Kali; more specifically 'Goddess of the Breast vs. Goddess of the Tooth'. There are lots of interesting conclusions about what femininity and the roles and potentials of women, but I'll save that for later when I talk about Sekhmet or Kali.

Secondly, although the Greeks identified her with Aphrodite and the Romans with Venus, Hathor seems to have a much stronger connection to motherhood and nourishment. I think all three cultures would agree that love is a necessity (physical or emotional), but there is definitely a very strong and apparent connection between love and motherhood in the Egyptian mythology. Passion, Sexuality, and Beauty, although definitely important to the Egyptians, seem to come in second to this attribute... to me, anyway.
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