project olympus redux Picture

Wow haven't posted anything for Olympus in ages.

So anyway since my style's changed a lot since these guys were first created, I did a bunch of redesigns for the characters. Still having trouble with Zeus so he's not here. xD;

Two characters I haven't posted before here: Aphrodite and Ares. And I guess Poseidon kind of counts. Anyways Ares is labelled, Aphrodite's the one with pink hair and Poseidon's the blue-haired one.

Also first time posting anything related to the actual myths at all, haha so I guess those two doodles in the bottom-left corner need a bit of expaining.

Left: Pygmalion and Galatea. This guy hates women but for some reason falls in love with a statue of a woman that he sculpts. For some reason Aphrodite thought it was very romantic and brought the statue to life for him. Yeah, I don't know.

Right: The Laurel. So like, Apollo falls in love with this Daphne chick right? But she really doesn't like him and even turns into a laurel tree to escape him. 'cept then Apollo decides to wear her branches on his head and make her one of his symbols. Depending on which version of the myth what he says is a bit different but it can basically be summed up as "NOW WE'LL BE TOGETHER FOREVER." ...I think Daphne is really pitiful.

Also uncoloured version here 'cause some of the sketches looked better without: [link]
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