Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena, and Demeter Picture

Alright, four more goddesses down. Yay! ^_^ I'm hoping to do all the ones that appear in my stories. Which may take awhile. But I believe I have the patience for it.
Aphrodite-honestly, I've always had trouble deciding on how I want her to look. In the end, I always end up making her blonde with eyes of indeterminate color. Yet I think I did a good job on her. Aphrodite is very sensual and often uses her sexuality to get what she wants. Unfortunately, while incredibly beautiful, she isn't the brightest of the gods. She can be quite vain and haughty and easily angered, along with quite loose in sexual morality. However, she does have her good moments in which she can be quite kind and gracious. I guess it all depends on whether or not you catch her in a good mood and don't say anything negative about her appearance or say someone's prettier than her.

Artemis-quite the spunky little thing, Artemis. She is quite devoted to her brother Apollo and their mother Leto. She is quite close to her twin brother, yet is still fiercely independent. She will go to great lengths for both her mother and brother, even going so far as killing. She also does not like to get caught naked by men, as seen by how many of them she has killed. But she's not as harsh as some would have you think. She is quite protective of those she cares for and can be quite kind towards those that respect her. Unfortunately, I don't exactly have her appearing in a whole lot of my stories. With Artemis, I tried to remain simple, after all, it's a little hard to hunt in the night wearing a long dress.

Athena-Honestly, I'm still trying to work her out a bit in regard to personality. Being the goddess of wisdom, she is of course, wise. However, she sometimes (though rarely) allows her anger to overcome her judgement. One of these rare instances being her rivalry with Ares. Athena is overall liked by the gods, and is the most studious of all of them. Zeus often calls upon her council and she is perfectly willing to hear it. She is also a pretty damn tough fighter. I focused mainly on a color scheme of blue and gold for her.

Demeter-I really am not very kind to this goddess. She was once in love with Zeus during the war with the titans. From this union she conceived Persephone. However, Demeter was later heart-broken to learn that Zeus was in love with Hera (this being before the king and queen of the gods are actually married). Angry and distraught, despite Hera's vehement protestations that she had no idea Zeus had any feelings of love for her, as she believed they mutually hated each other, Demeter's relationship with Hera has remained rather icy to this day. After the war with the titans, she devoted her life to her daughter and rarely associated with the new beautiful queen of the gods. She is quite fond of her daughter, Persephone, to the point she is rather clingy and must be reminded that Persephone is a grown woman with a husband of her own. I kinda made her story a bit of a tragic one. I tried to make her look very earthy.

Created with Azalea Dolls's Goddess Maker-[link]
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