Mythology Project: Dionysus Picture

Dionysus, the Greek God of Wine, Drunkenness, Festivals and Madness.
The serpent and the bull were sacred to him.
He was often depicted as a young, fair youth with a crown of ivy on his head and a wine cup.

For a school project I am redesigning eight of the Greek Gods from mythology in a contemporary fashion, using digital painting as my medium to continue on this vein.

When depicting Dionysus I wanted to make him seem as vibrant as possible, thus I used bright colours and gave the illusions of lanterns in the background to represent his connection with celebration and festivals.
Like with Artemis instead of depicting Dionysus with his sacred animals, the serpent and bull (in the latter's case he was often depicted as the bull rather than beside it) I gave him ornaments that represented them. Thus the arm band and medallion.
For his ivy wreath I gave him a glow stick, a modern day adornment associated with flamboyant festivities. I also intended it took look ironically similar to a halo, as he is both a god and his activities are something worshipped by youth culture these days. Which is of course, questionable.
Instead of the drinking cup of wine, I gave him some fruity looking alcoholic bottle, similar to the drinks associated with drunkenness and parties in modern day, as wine is now considered a far more sophisticated beverage.

I had quite a lot of fun with this, even if male anatomy makes me want to neck myself. le sigh.

Other Gods Done

About five hours in PaintTool SAI.

Art and character design (c) me

Texture can be found here: [link]

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