Libra Picture

A year later, and here is the colour version. Yay!

2012, coloured pencil on Stonehenge paper, 11" x 14".

Thanks once again to Syccas Stock [link] for the reference on the 'Justice' figure [link] .

(As I have been asked: Background and bits of foreground references are amalgamated from my own pictures of various places. Botany enthusiasts will probably be able to tell that not all of those plants would appear in the same climate.)

EDIT: Just to clarify, as this has been declined from several traditional art groups for being digital - This is not digital. I don't even know how to create a digital drawing; and very much admire those who do have the technical expertise to do so. The photos were used for anatomical / light / botanical reference. This is 100% freehand coloured pencil. Thank you!
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