Norse Goddess Freyja Picture

FULL VIEW, please.

Here is my last work.
Quite plain, isn't it?

In the beginning, I worked into a B&W work. And before adding shades I decided to colour it on watercolour pencils.
As a result, lots of problems where I screw the paper with the eraser. Then no need to tell me I wrecked the right arm and the right eye when I add colour, I noticed XD

It's been a while I didn't use pencils, it's a work done to test if I know yet how to use my wonderful pencils ^^
Tell me everything about it : the anatomy, the way of colouring, the position of the shades.
Then, advanced criticism is highly and loooovely expected XD

About subject : My passion for Norse mythology is not a secret at all for my friends XD
As long as I wear this Mjolnir around my neck...
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